• Ensueño® MAX Fabric Softener has powerful microcaps.

    Ensueño® MAX have powerful microcaps – a new technology that guarantees "touch release" freshness for up to 21 days after washing.

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  • Color Safe® formula with "Touch Release" freshness.

    Every load counts! With our 150oz presentation you save time and money on every laundry load. Available in Spring Fresh, Violet Bouquet and our hypoallergenic Baby scent.

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  • Bigger size. Better value.
    More time for family.

    Every moment of your day is precious. So try the new 150oz. bottle of Ensueño® MAX Violet Bouquet, Spring Fresh and Baby for a time and money-saving value.

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  • Ensueño® Baby gives you the peace of mind you need.

    Use Ensueño® Baby hypoallergenic fabric softener in your laundry in order to protect your children’s skin while providing long-lasting freshness and softness to their favorite clothes.

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  • Fresh, natural and soothing scents for a touchable clean.

    Ensueño® Natureza scents create a relaxing and refreshing experience for your linens and clothes. Available in Oatmeal & Almond and Chamomile & Aloe.

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  • Fabric Care Solutions to Help You Take Care of Your Clothes!

    Step 1: Pre-treat any stains with Cloralex® Max.
    Step 2: Wash your clothes in warm water with Pinol® Liquid Detergent.
    Step 3: Use Ensueño® Fabric Softener for long-lasting freshness and softness.

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We dream of a cancer free world
Simply use Ensueño® MAX, Pinol® Floral and Cloralen® Max to pamper your clothes so much that they'll pamper you in return.

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HE-Friendly Fabric Softener

Save money on every load.

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Safe Enough for Your Little Bundle

Baby Scent Ensueño® is hypoallergenic.

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Ensueño® is developed under the highest standards of quality and is the only softener to offer Color Safe® - a color protecting formula that keeps clothes soft and smelling fresh wash after wash. Our Color Safe® formula is also proven to make ironing easier!

For more than 60 years, AlEn has been providing cleaning products that are good for you, your home and your family, generation after generation.